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Compatibility of Dwarf Hairgrass – Know the Suitable Tankmates for this Plant

When you are planting an herb in your aquarium, you have to know the comfort level of the plant, so that it can survive for a long period. Usually, Dwarf Hairgrass have less compatibility issue with most aquatic plants. The long strands of Dwarf Hairgrass are generally exempted from danger because many fish breeds generally nip leaves of the plants but the strands are not nipped that much. The strands also work as a shelter for various bottom-dwelling fish breeds.

Which Species are Comfortable to Live with Dwarf Hairgrass? Most of the freshwater fish breeds like green eco-friendly environments because they prefer living in a natural ambiance surrounded by various aquatic plants. Now you need to know about the suitable tankmates of Dwarf Hairgrass that are comfortable to live in a tank that is surrounded by this aquatic herb. 1.Molly Fish Molly Fish is an active and social fish, and prefer living in a nature-friendly environment. The thick strands of the Dwarf Hairgrass hide it from …

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