Know How You can Maintain pH Level in Saltwater Aquarium

Let's begin with what is pH level is? pH level determines whether a solution is acidic or alkaline.
When it comes to maintain an aquarium, especially the saltwater one, pH level can drive you crazy. It is much responsible for the wellbeing of your fishes. A tendency of keeping different pH level for some time is excusable among owners of freshwater aquarium as that may not harm the fishes much. But, if you are a saltwater aquarium owner, pH level is something you need to give serious consideration.

A few saltwater fishes are so sensitive that you need to keep the pH level of your saltwater tank above 8.0, whereas the normal level of pH is 7.6 to 8.4. In a saltwater aquarium, pH level has a tendency to go downwards by making it acidic which can give life threat to the fishes.

Reasons for variations in pH balance in saltwater aquarium

Different pH balance at different times is the result of excess acid in the saltwater aquarium. Now, you may be unsure of the source of this acid in the water.
Well, this acid comes from carbon dioxide, mainly. From the waste of food particles and the body waste of fishes, comes the ammonia that forms the nitric acid. Apart from this, there are various organic acids as well. In saltwater aquarium, pH level generally does not rise up; rather, it goes down. However, there are cases of exceptions as well. Follow the steps below to maintain the pH balance in your aquarium:

Adjust pH level in your aquarium

There are multiple ways of raising and lowering the pH level on your saltwater aquarium. You can opt for anyone accordingly:

Use of easily available items

Before, applying these things, make sure there is a slight imbalance of pH in aquarium water. These methods are not for major changes. Use of baking soda is probably the easiest way to raise the pH level in the aquarium. It will not be wrong to claim that it is the most easily available product that can be used to raise the pH level. You can try vinegar to lower the pH level in your saltwater aquarium. Also, you can try lime juice for the same purpose. You can use these items only for a temporary basis. In case of major pH problem, you have to go for a stabilizing.

Go for stabilizing

To adjust the pH level, it will be better to have partial water change in the tank. It will restore the minerals which your fish cannot have due to the improper pH balance. So, you will be able to see your fishes doing lively activities. Alternatively, you can clean the remaining food particles so that the acid will not be created.  If you are looking for a good result for the long run, this will be the ideal one for you.

Instant doser

You can use elements like iodine, calcium to see instant changes in the water of your aquarium. You can use the reactors too if it fits in your budget.
Remember, if pH level of your saltwater aquarium is extremely low or extremely high, you cannot bring it to the moderate level at once.  It will give the fishes a shock. Slowly adjust the pH level.
You can clean the tank and wash the gravels too to maintain the pH balance. You also need to check the pH level daily to understand when pH needs to be adjusted.  

All about the long term results

Now, you cannot maintain the pH balance in your saltwater aquarium until you are a good observer. It is challenging, but you have to accept the challenge. Every time you give food to the fishes, remove the uneaten ones. From this perspective, maintaining a steady pH balance is much related to the clean-up process of the aquarium. If you need long term results, you need to do manual cleaning twice or trice a week to remove the waste products at the bottom of the tank that can result in acid.


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